Manual Reviews or Testimonials "Slider"

The example below displays 3 reviews or testimonials but you may easily add as many as you want to any page that you want!

Semi-Automated Locals' Reviews Program

An example of our build-in Locals.Reviews application is below.  Feel free to test it if you want!  Note that the reviews do not automatically publish here.  The website owner has control over turning each review "ON"  Each review is "OFF" by default and will not display until turned "ON" by the website owner.

The reviews program above will show the most current reviews on top.  The website administrator can also import reviews manually from other reviews outlets.  We just added one to start for this demonstration.

The website owner or manager can also reply to reviews and the replies post automatically as well as call or send a direct email from the contact info provided by the reviewer.

  • You can change the style sheet to control the major elements of the plugin so it perfectly complements your site!

About Locals.Reviews

Your business now has a simple yet powerful platform to gather customer feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score and encourage online reviews.  

Local's Reviews is an automated platform that starts with just your customer’s email address or mobile number and does the rest for you.

Local's Reviews is a Feedback and Reviews Management program created for small business owners, enabling them to improve their businesses via:

  • Encouraging honest feedback from their customers
  • Taking a proactive role in the feedback and review process
  • Routine reporting from reviews sites
  • Monitoring and learning to interpret your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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Affordable Reviews Program for Small Businesses Using NPS