Common and Popular Website Features

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Tap on any of the links below to see the most Common and Popular Website Features used by barbers, stylists and therapists, as well as beauticians and cosmetologists.

Hours & Location

Our CMS has a built-in plugin for Open Hours or Hours of Operation.  It can be easily embedded and displayed on any page.  A code snippet tool is also provided enabling it to be inserted into a custom area widget which will cause it to show on all pages.


Good reviews are vital and powerful for all businesses.  We've created our own reviews program that enables you to get the reviews that you deserve.  It works using the popular NPS (Net Promoter Score).

The process is in two steps:

1) Feedback and

2) Review. 

The feed back goes to you and you have control over whether or not it is published to your website.  You can control the flow of feedback from detractors, passives and promoters.

We also have a function that provides a manually operated reviews "slider" which can be inserted into any page.  There is an example of this slider on the reviews page here.

Common and Popular Website Features